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Rhode Island Radio by John Rooke

John Rooke’s new book Rhode Island Radio is for sale from amazon for $21.99 You can learn more about the book from Arcadia Publishing HERE.

John Rooke Lends His Unique Voice to
Telling Rhode Island Radio’s Story

John Rooke, highly entertaining and informative radio veteran of 3 decades has focused his expertise and passion to produce a book about the history of radio in Rhode Island. As nuanced as that may sound on the surface, the reality is that the practices put in place in Rhode Island had amazing impacts on the broadcasting industry at large and helped shape it into the tremendous industry it is today.

Coming November 19, 2012:
Rhode Island Radio by John Rooke

If you’ve ever flipped through an “Images of America” book, you know these tend to be not only well written but real eye candy. Historical documents and images are woven throughout engrossing storytelling in a way that transports the reader to the era and events being recounted. Read first hand not only about popular radio personalities of yesteryear, but also of broadcasting concepts and programming standards including the introduction of widespread syndication.

Pre-Order Rhode Island Radio by John Rooke Now

This book looks like it’s going to be a real page turner, fully informative and well written. If you have a friend or family member in the broadcasting business, this is a slam dunk stocking stuffer or surprise gift. Even if you have no official connection to the industry, we all enjoy the benefits of the industry this story helped usher in and you’ll enjoy learning how it all came to be.

Pre-order the book HERE.

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Release date November 19, 2012.

Over 100 Great Tracks From July 2012

Playlist Of Great New Music

Here is a youtube playlist of over nine hours of fresh music to get you through your day, featuring some of the best music to come out across the world in July 2012.

111+ Great Songs You Might Have Missed from July 2012

Do us a tremendously big favor and purchase any music you discover on this playlist using -> THIS LINK

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Release date May 17, 2013.

Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange Album Stream

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Music from Channel Orange will also appear in a
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Channel Orange Review

15 Second Review of Channel Orange by Frank Ocean

Price Frank Ocean by Channel Orange Via Amazon on mp3
Frank Ocean definitely possesses the skills to take a tight formula to radio reign.

On “Channel Orange,” he throws any formulas off a ledge & strives with skill for artistic expression instead.

Trivia About Frank Ocean

Some Cool Truths About Frank Ocean

1. Many of the passionate tales of affection are inspired by the unrequited love that Christopher Breaux felt for another man. Christopher Breaux is Frank Ocean’s birth name. (source)

2. Under the name Lonny Breaux, Frank Ocean has written hit pop songs for Backstreet Boys and Justin Bieber. (source)Frank Ocean by Channel Orange in Compact Disk From Amazon

3. Channel Orange was released on iTunes ahead of the official schedule to combat digital leaks. (source)

Stream Music From Frank Ocean by Channel Orange

Stream Tunes From Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange below

Reviews Of Frank Ocean by Channel Orange

Three Greatest Write-Ups of Channel Orange

1. Emotional delivery is what is noteworthy about this album, not sexual orientation.- at Z 107.9 Cleveland by @TROPIKANA

2. Channel Orange feels like an album from an artist who hasn’t listened to the radio in years, and it is an album by a genius.- at AmarudonTV written by @AmaruDonTV

3. Channel Orange is gritty, well put together and striking.- at StupidDOPE written by @stupidDOPE

Channel Orange recorded by Frank Ocean is on sale at

Places To Buy Frank Ocean by Channel Orange

Buy Frank Ocean by Channel Orange  from iTunes on mp3iTunes in mp3 Format for $10

Frank Ocean by Channel Orange in Compact Disk From AmazonAmazon in CD Format for $12

Vinyl Version Available for Frank Ocean by Channel Orange via AmazonAmazon on Vinyl:

Five Albums We’re Looking Forward to Coming July 2012

Playlist of Best Music Coming July 2012

Above You’ll Find a Playlist of These & Other Albums With July 2012 Release Dates That We Are Really Excited about! Read more about them & find links to pre-order on the titles below…

Great Albums Coming July 2012

#5 “TheFearOfMissingOut” by TheNewNo2, features Grammy winning production duo pHD and vocals by Rza & Ben Harper. So far, it sounds like an absolute head bobber. Released July 31, 2012.

#4 “A Thousand Miles Left Behind” by Gloriana puts the blue in bluegrass. Beautifully crafted, softly sung and full of heart, easily the country album we are most looking forward to this month. Released July 31, 2012

The 3 Albums Coming July 2012 We’re Most Excited About

#3 “Life Is Good” by Nas. Production by hip hop traditionalists like 9th wonder & Swiss Beatz indicate a stripped down style, and initial reviews are that he is moving away from the deep waters he touched on in “Distant Relatives.” We aren’t too thrilled about that prospect, but, we’re pretty sure Nas could release an album about Gremlins and we’d be allright with it. Released July 17, 2012.

#2 “Hope In Transition” by Brendan James promises to be full of the sort of unabashed big piano song-writing that appeared to be lost from pop music. Shades of Elton John in the very best way. Released July 10, 2012.

#1 “Channel Orange” by Frank Ocean. The follow up to a slew of group/mixtape work and heavy presence on Jay-z/Kanye West’s, “Watch The Throne” is one of the most anticipated debut albums in music history. Released July 31, 2012. Anything less than a classic will be considered a dissapointment.

Other Albums With July 2012 Release Dates We Are Excited About

We’re also excited for… ‘Gossamer’ by Passion Pit, “Uncaged” by Zac Brown Band, “Master Of The Dark Arts” by La Coka Nostra, “Forever So” by Husky & “Skelethon” by Aesop Rock.

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Release date July 10, 2012.

20 Great Albums From June 2012 You Might Have Missed

Playlist Of Great New Music

This playlist of fresh music includes tracks off these 20 albums, plus albums that have already caught on and evenmore great albums you may have missed!

A Great Album Released June 2012 That Stands Apart

A League Of It’s Own: “Ten Freedom Summers” by Wadada Leo Smith. A Jazz journey through ten summers of the civil rights truggle. Learn more about “Ten Freedom Summers” HERE.

The Ten Best Albums Released June 2012 That You May Have Missed

#1 “House That Jack Built” by Jesca Hoop. A wildly diverse and always powerful collection by Hoop shows off a songwriter and performer hitting her prime. “House That Jack Built” is available on Vinyl.

#2 “Valley Tangents” by Blues Control sounds epic. Not like the popular phrase, but like there is a giant cinematic experience going on infront of it that you aren’t privy to. The sounds tease you, making you wonder what the hell is going on behind a veil that doesn’t exist. Awesome. It’s an instrumental album, but those instruments are wide varied and many, and all are played expertly and compliment each other wonderfully. “Valley Tangents” is available on Vinyl

#3 “My Tiger My Timing” by Celest. One of those rare albums that is irresistably catchy and also easy to keep on repeat without growing tired of it. And an absolutely epic album cover.

#4 “From The Mouth of the Cave” by Gaggle. A church like sound of break beats and funk that is absolutely positively kick ass.

#5 “People Hear What They See” by Oddissee. Brilliantly paced production toes the line between simplicity and richness to perfection and Oddissee takes full advantage with his continual laid back assault. An instant buy for most 30 something rap fans that hear it. “People Hear What They See” is available on vinyl.

#6 “Passion” by Para One. Off the wall yet polished sounds, cherished lulls, catchy breaks and easter eggs all over the place make this an early contender for electronic album of the year. Run to your nearest dance hall, find that DJ who keeps playing the same dance song from 1993 and smack him in the face with this album.

#7 “Dream Life” by Mary Epworth. Anthemic album seems hesitant to cut loose, but the tight structures make this one of the more radio friendly albums of the month.

#8 “And So It Goes” by Don Williams. A masterful recording, easy on the ears and the soul from the “Gentle Giant.” “And So It Goes” is available on Vinyl.

#9 “Radio Salone” by Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars. Musical ecstacy. Wouldn’t expect anything less from Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars. “Radio Salone” is available on Vinyl.

#10 “The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends” by The Flaming Lips. The Flaming Lips are back with another must have for your library, and this time they’ve brought along some “fwends” like Erykah Badu, Biz Markie, Chris Martin and Bon Iver! OF COURSE “The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends” is availabe on Vinyl!

Ten More Albums Released June 2012 That You May Have Missed

#11 “Let It Go” By House Shoes. Wonderfully constructed rhymes and beats, probably a bit unrefined and underground to crossover.

#12 “Far End Of The Graveyard” by Ghosting Season. Silky clean electronica.

#13 “Synthetica” by Metric. Sweet, highly melodic and tunes you can sing along to. “Synthetica” is available on Vinyl.

#14 “Ocean” by DIIV. Appropriately named, this is a great collection of easy going experimental surf-rock.

#15 “In the Mouth, A Hand” by Fire! with Oren Ambarchi. Righteously loud wailing jazz.

#16 “I Swear It’s The Truth” by Rob Baird. An album full of soulful crooning that doesn’t run from it’s twang or western bar appeal.

#17 “L’Enfant Sauvage” by Gojira. The heavy rocker’s heavy rockers release another album metalheads will cherish.

#18 “Slaughterhouse”by Ty Segal Band. A high energy rock’n'roll, a welcome does of great punk without the emo.

#19 “Mindy Smith” by Mindy Smith. The long-time star in waiting has been clearing a path for herself for a decade now. With her self-titled album, it looks like she’s ready to take that path and arrive to take her proper place amongst the country music mainstream.

#20 “A New Brutality” by Perc. Absolute synth madness. If you love bass, you’ll love this

To Listen to More of the Artists Featured In This Playlist, Click Here!

“Keep It Your Own” Video + Pop Etc Album Stream

Buy Pop Etc In VinylBuy Pop Etc From Amazon

Links for Pop Etc
Twitter Account
Home Page

Music from Pop Etc will also appear in a
Siafu Sounds Fresh Music Playlist

Pop Etc Fits Right In Amongst An Emerging Genre

Siafu Staff Comments about Pop Etc

Buy Pop Etc On MP3

We’re not too sure what to call the beautiful emerging genre filled with synth and distortion. We can tell you it’s led by Bon Iver, Kanye West, The Weeknd, Polica & newcomers (to the style) Pop Etc. We have this genre organized as “electropop” on Siafu Sounds, but using the term pop in reference to such technically savy music feels perverse.

Seemingly here to assauge our doubt, Pop Etc fits right at home and assures us this new genre rips pop influences from every conceivable genre with an album cover listing several and ending with an “ETC.” Pop Etc isn’t quite the lyrical heavyweight of their counterparts, but they make up for the relative lack of depth with infectiously sweet lyrics layered beautifully with production and instrumentals that fit right in.

Pop Etc Interview in Life & Times

3 Cool Facts about Pop Etc

3 Cool Facts About Pop Etc

1. Pop Etc was originally called “The Morning Benders” but changed their name to dissociate with the phrase’s alternate meaning. (source)

2. Pop Etc introduced their style transition with a free mixtape before unveiling their new album. (mixtape stream)

3. Pop Etc formed while the members were studying at UC Berkley, and the community has embraced them, proclaiming Pop Etc their “best local band.” (source)

Stream songs from Pop Etc here:

stream pop etc full album

Pop Etc by Pop Etc is available for purchase on Vinyl & other formats via:

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Pop Etc Available In Vinyl From AmazonAmazon on Vinyl:

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Release date June 12, 2012.